Wine tasting in Paris

About Wine Tasting in Paris

food tour in the French capital

Have you ever imagined leaving Paris without having tasted the great wines? You would be making a very big mistake. There is no better trip than a wine trip in Paris. Wine tasting in Paris is the most memorable experience for anyone who would like to do a little wine trip. The best thing is to have a wine trip in the heart of Paris. You get to learn everything you need to know about the best French wines starting from the differences in the tastes to the specific regions where they originate from and how you can order a bottle of wine in a restaurant or in a wine bar.

What is in Store for you

There is a large variety of wines that is waiting you at Paris. You can even take a road trip to some of the most popular wine regions in Paris. Get to discover every region’s peculiarities, the smells, tastes, the vineyards, and the wines. Most of the tastings take two and half hours and you will be taken across France from the best Champagne to Burgundy and to Cote du Rhone to Bordeaux. Get to taste more than 5 different wines and champagne as the experts explain everything you need to know about the wines and there areas of production. You will even be taught how to taste wine like a professional and how to combine it with the right dishes. Wine tasting in Paris is more than entertaining activity it is more than an experience. You can decide to take wine trips to Paris either with family, friends or even alone. Most of these trips happen in groups and that way it becomes even more interesting since you have other people you can chat with as you explore the best wine producing regions.